When we first launched Awesome Adventure Chick in late 2016, we knew we wanted to do more than just ‘sell stuff’, we wanted to inspire, and we wanted to do good. So ‘Have fun. Do good.’ was an essential part of our ethos from day one.
From the very beginning, we decided that as a business that supported adventurous women, our ‘do good’ cause should be something that supported women… Which is why One Girl and micro loans to women around the world via Kiva became our causes of choice. What we didn’t really consider, was that donating a percentage of sales or profits really didn’t make sense when there were none! We’re not big, so saying we support those causes when some months, we might sell, and make, very little, seemed a bit… dubious. Dodgy even.
Instead, what we decided to do is make a guaranteed monthly contribution to One Girl via their Graduation program, even if it means paying it out of our own pockets instead of out of the profits we’d all like to be making. Truthfully, it’s only a modest level of support, but for now at least, it’s something. And certainly better than nothing.
And recently, after spending some time in Cambodia and learning about their environmental issues, we decided to branch out and sponsor a Pangolin Station via Wildlife Alliance Cambodia. It’s not a women’s cause, but it was close to our little green hearts, so we’ve added that to our list.
We’ve decided not to bother trying to tell the story that 1% of this, or 5% of that, goes here or there. After all, how would you ever know if it was even true anyway? Instead, we’re just going to tell you what we actually do. No matter how small. We’re not here to pretend we’re saving the world. We’re just doing our little bit. And should we be fortunate enough to grow, so will the things we do to give back.