Sometimes we sit around and think about awesome stuff we could do. Plotting scheming, planning, dreaming.

One day someone, we’re not sure who, said “How awesome would it be if we did a book of Awesome Adventure Chicks?”. A book celebrating all kinds of different people who were all kinds of awesome. At first, we just laughed, like someone had just suggested we go to the moon. Then we started thinking. Why couldn’t we do something like that? And more importantly, why wouldn’t we? Well, the answer to that one was actually pretty obvious: it would be a ridiculous amount of work and it would probably cost a tonne of money. Which is probably why no one’s done it before now. But that doesn’t mean we couldn’t still give it a shot, right?

And so the Awesome Unlimited Project was born.

So we’re putting the word out to get as many people as possible to share their awesome with us. People like… you. Not because you’re the highest climber, the fastest runner, or the ‘est’ anything. Just because you’re awesome. Just the way you are.

If you’d like to know more about the project, and perhaps put your hand up, this is your chance.