We’ve just returned from our first ever Awesome Adventure Tour and as you can probably guess, it was pretty darn Awesome. We teamed up with our friends from The Swashbucklers Club to go on the Cambodia Swashbucklers AdventureTrail with a seriously Awesome bunch of Adventure Chicks.

Starting down the coast in the south of the Kingdom of Wonder, we hiked, climbed, paddled, caved, swam, rode and zip lined our way north up to the Angkor Wat Half Marathon where we ran a little further before finishing up in Siem Reap for a bit of temple spotting. With a group that ranged in age from 29 to 69, our Awesome Adventure Chicks were fierce and (mostly) fearless in their pursuit of wow.

Sure, there were a few elevated heart rates and possibly a few tears along the way as we stepped outside our comfort zones and pushed our boundaries, but we never missed a bit as we completed the AdventureTrail. You can check out a few pictures of our adventures below.

If you’re interested in finding out more or joining us on our next tour, email us and let us know and we’ll send you more info as soon as dates and destinations are set. (We’ll have our mailing list up and running soon, but til then, email it is I’m afraid.)

Awesome Adventure Chick