Bracelets from Cambodia


We bought these bracelets from a wonderful lady at a local market on the outskirts of Phnom Penh in Cambodia. We can’t tell you a wonderful story about her family life, or the village she lives in, or how these are genuinely hand made, fair trade bracelets. All we can tell you is we made her day when we bought these from her for much more than she expected when she might usually only sell one or two in a day if she’s lucky.

NOTE: These bracelets come ‘open’ with a loop on the end so you can tie and adjust them yourself To find out how to do that, check this video out.

(If you want one of each, check out the 7Pack offer)


How much they cost to make fairly + how much we donate to charity + how much extra it costs to send them to you + how much we pay to the government in taxes + how much it costs us to stay in business.

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Walking through this market in Cambodia we came across a young woman selling bracelets. Usually she’d hope a backpacker might come past and buy a bracelet, but on this particular day, she went home happy having sold a whole bunch of them to use to share with you.

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Red+Black, Red+Blue, Double Blue, Pink+Blue, Purple+Red, Black+Brown, Black+Purple+Gold


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