Soul Mate Sterling Silver Charm


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This Awesome Adventure 925 sterling silver charm is the must have accessory if Adventure is Your Soul Mate.

It features a double reinforced jump ring – so it’s built for adventure.

These charms were hand made in Adelaide, South Australia by our Awesome Creative Chick friend, Susi. You can watch how she makes them below.

It features ‘Adventure is My Soul Mate’ on the front, and the Awesome Adventure Chick symbol on the back. Or possibly the other way around depending on which way you look at it. They come in a little box. With a gift pouch. Let us know which colour you want and we’ll send you that one. 🙂


How much they cost to make fairly + how much we donate to charity + how much extra it costs to send them to you + how much we pay to the government in taxes + how much it costs us to stay in business.

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