Trust me when I say I won’t be writing anywhere near this much once we’ve launched. But right now, there’s so much happening that I want to share with you before we release it out into the big wide world. Just this morning, I finally saw the final edit of our new video celebrating Awesome Adventure Chicks everywhere! And this is your chance to see it first! Not exactly a red carpet Hollywood premier, but I’m still ridiculously excited. A huge thanks has to go to everyone who helped out with this – including everyone who agreed to be in it! Such an awesome bunch of people! Hopefully the video fills in another little piece of the puzzle though. Or maybe not? 😉

A few more products are now ready to go.

You’ve already seen our mugs, caps and beanies, but guess what? There’s more! No steak knives, but plenty more bits and pieces for you if you like living Wild & Free. Like these traditional Cambodian Kromas we’ve managed to get our hands on in a few different colours – including this more traditional one. (There’s also some pretty awesome purple ones that are sure to be popular!). And as always, proceeds from these products will be going to our amazing charity partners Kiva and One Girl.

Speaking of colours… our quick dry travel towels sure will add a touch of awesome to your pack as well! And come in handy! So lookout for the Kromas, towels and a few other things at the She Went Wild Expo or online soon! But guess what? We have our two biggest releases still to come over the next few days…. so get ready. 🙂

Til then, here’s to… Love & Adventure For All!

Awesome Adventure Chick