From day one, our mission has been to inspire and help women to have Awesome Adventures, and to create and sell awesome things for them to use and wear along the way. But a fundamental part of that has also been our ‘Have Fun, Do Good’ philosophy, which involves supporting women around the world.

We searched high and low for the best people to partner up with and ended up deciding on two: One Girl and Kiva.

Why these? Our logic was simple:

First of all, we’re still pretty small. Tiny, even. So we needed organisations that didn’t need us to donate a million dollars straight up to get on board. Both One Girl and Kiva allow us to make modest donations. The plan was to donate money based on a percentage of sales, but honestly, when you open the door on day one, there are no sales, so we currently donate a minimum monthly amount regardless of how much we do or don’t sell. In time, we’ll move to a percentage of sales model.

Secondly, we wanted organisations that looked like they were doing tangible good in meaningful ways. Kiva does that with their microfinance loans – and we specifically choose women and predominantly in markets we already deal with including Cambodia and Vietnam. One Girl’s education agenda is also one we thought was pretty awesome.

If you want to join us on this mission, you can either buy something from our store knowing your purchase helps us support them. Or you can donate directly to One Girl here. Any amount makes a difference, but $300 can give a girl access to education for an entire year. Or you can make a $25 micro loan on Kiva here – that link will automatically take you to our team page – and best of all, when you’re repaid you can relend that same $25 again and again to multiply your impact.

Thanks for being a part of it all and helping to make life more awesome for women around the world.