One minute I was getting ready for the She Went Wild expo, next minute… here we are more than a week later! Longest. Blink. Ever. And oops, no updates all that time – sorry about that chicks!

She Went Wild was kind of awesome.

So the expo was our official launch and I’m happy/excited/proud/all of the above, to say it went really well… so many Awesome Adventure Chicks… so much great feedback! We were lucky enough to have author and adventure guide Sputnik, (who has been helping out behind the scenes), on the stand and he’s asked me to pass on a ginormous thank you to everyone who went along and said hi! And wow, weren’t there a lot of you!?!? Sadly, I didn’t make any of the sessions, but from what I hear they were pretty fantastic with lots of amazing speakers! As you can see from the crowds, there were a lot of people taking it all in.

Want to get your hands on some stuff?

Now starts the slightly less awesome task of getting all the gear photographed and up on the website so we can start selling. I have to confess, this part of the process is not exactly my favorite, so please be patient while we chip away at it. In the meantime, these pictures give you an idea of the tanks and tshirts and singlets and mugs and pendants and caps and other stuff in the range. Remember, for every single thing we sell we donate money to either Kiva or One Girl – more on this soon!

That’s it for me for now. Time to get back to photographing products and getting them ready for the website. Til then, here’s to… Love and adventure (and chocolate!) for all!

Awesome Adventure Chick