This is my first ever update, so fingers crossed it all goes smoothly. Because while Adventure is my Soul Mate, when it comes to technology… it’s complicated. 😉

And yet, here we are, chatting. And I just want to say thanks for being interested in what I’ve been up to lately, because truthfully, I’ve been doing it for you. You see, about a year ago, I was sitting down chatting with friends about the rise of the adventure ‘sisterhood’ and how much stoke I had to see so many women out there having awesome adventures. I suppose there had always been adventurous women out there, but it felt a little like one minute there was a great, yawning, gender abyss, then overnight, there were women everywhere doing awesome things. Maybe it was simply that virtual places like Instagram had popped up and given us all a platform to share those adventures, but suddenly we were having our moment in the sun. And the water. And the snow. And on the mountains. Everywhere, really!

Then one day it really hit me.

There really wasn’t many, if any, truly great and inspiring women’s adventure brands out there. Not just great adventure brands that also did stuff for women. But something just for us. Something that captured our wild hearts and free spirits. Since that day, we’ve seen a few brands pop up, and some are doing an amazing job. But my mind was made up – and I started thinking about what a great women’s adventure brand might look and feel like. Many dreams were dreamed, many conversations were had, many ideas were thrown around, and much coffee was ingested. And the one, single, simple thought we kept coming back to was how much we all truly loved adventure. And how that love was more reliable and true than the relationship version of love many of us had experienced over the years. To which I then jokingly said “Yeah, Adventure is My Soul Mate”. And in that moment, our vision had a little bit of life breathed into it.

So what happens now?

From there, I started thinking about what this little idea might become. What could we actually create? What would we physically make? And how could we really do some good in the process – but more on that next time. For now, all these months later, we have all sorts of things in the pipeline, (including a pretty awesome coffee mug!), and we’ll be launching the first few items at the She Went Wild women’s adventure expo in Sydney on Nov 6. If you’re in the neighborhood, by all means come along and say hi. And if you’re not, well, I’ll be sending you a few updates over the next few weeks so you can get a first glimpse of what I’ve been so busily putting my blood, sweat and tears into over the past however many months with the help of a few of my insanely talented friends. Like the amazing labels you can see below! And I’m not going to sugar coat it, it’s been one of those adventures that has been crazy and bumpy and stormy and unpredictable, so I can only hope you like where we’ve ended up. And if you do, I can only hope you tell your friends about it too. Because adventures are always more fun when you’ve got awesome people around to share it with.

All I can say is thanks for making it this far. For having a little look in my direction. For sharing this adventure in some small way. Now it’s time for me to get back to putting the finishing touches on a few things so we’re ready to unleash our little brand on the world. At least, as ready as we’ll ever be.

Until then, here’s to love and adventure for all. To having fun and doing good.

Awesome Adventure Chick